About The Unlikely Son

I don't know about you, but I am the King of Skeptics. It takes a lot for me to put my faith in anything, including myself. So you may question why a person of my temperament believes in the Bible and follows Christ. The answer is simple: Christ convinced me.

On my crossroads with God, I asked Him to do whatever it took to build my faith, or win me, or convert me, or whatever jargon you care to use, because I possessed no ability or desire to do it myself. In answer to that prayer, God fed my mind facts to digest. I found that the Bible is THE most accurate ancient history book in existence. It has NEVER been successfully controverted by archeology, but only confirmed over and over again.

In fact, I enjoy looking up the words of past renowned archeologists who claimed things like the Hittite civilization never existed and King David was only a myth. Their words are not easy to find sometimes because they are all but forgotten, crushed and buried by an avalanche of archeological evidence. As the saying goes, “The Bible is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.”

At any rate, perhaps you have questions about the Bible or Christ or your Christian walk. Maybe you think you see a blatant contradiction in the Bible, and you'd like to talk sense to me. Maybe you admire some Bible scholar who holds a particularly hostile view of the Bible (there's plenty of them), and you'd like to share a quote from them and how you think it's right on the money. Maybe you seek a biblical Dear Abby. The Unlikely Son is the place to vent it.

Send all Bible questions to unlikelyson@gmail.com.

My only requirement is that you write your own ideas. In olden times, before the internet really took hold, a person would claim to me that the Bible was full of contradictions with an air of knowing superiority, and I would say, “Really? Tell me one.” Invariably, the person would hem and haw and mumble something like “haven't looked at it in a long time”, and beat a hasty retreat. In today's internet environment, there's no need for such embarrassment. In a few seconds, anyone can google up a trove of biblical contradictions, and assume passels of "facts" and "information" as their own. However, it's been my experience that people who do this rarely if ever read the trove that they send, and know nothing about the author, and embarrass themselves much more than simply admitting ignorance. In short, I've come to view googling up a ton of “facts” as the internet equivalent of a hem and haw. So show yourself and me a little respect. Write your own questions and ideas.

Whatever your ideas, I think God gave me a fine rubber soul for you to bounce them off of, so don't be afraid. You're with the unlikeliest son of God on earth; let's walk into the arena together.

If Christ and the Bible doesn't interest you, but you are interested in writing as I am, why not visit The Crucible or Hammer & Tongs? Lots of good stuff and all about writing.

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