I've talked to several people who are worried about the coming election. As a generic example, it usually sounds something like this:

"How is Hillary Clinton running for President? Why is she not in jail? That Comey fellow from the FBI plainly listed all the ways she broke the law, then calmly announced she wouldn't be prosecuted for it. Then he warned anyone thinking about doing the same things (anyone except Hillary, that is) to watch out, because the law would land on them if they tried. How does that just pass in and out of the news like a vapor? Why isn't there any outrage? Are people blind and deaf? It's not like this is the first time she's blatantly broken the law. In fact, it's the only thing in which she's demonstrated a true competence. What if she wins the election and becomes Criminal in Chief? I guess it's just destined to be. After all, Obama's used our Constitution for toilet paper the last eight years, perhaps Hillary is just warming up in the bullpen with a few federal laws, getting revved up to sell the presidency to the highest bidder.

"How can God let this happen? Doesn't He care? Can't He see and hear what's happening? If God is so just, how is she getting away with all this crap? Where is this vaunted justice? She and her sexual predator husband have polluted this nation with their vileness for decades, and God just winks and smiles."

I can understand the dismay. I don't think there's ever been a candidate who's demonstrated their own corruption so consistently and thoroughly. It will speak volumes if she's elected, but I'm not really all that concerned about it. You see, as a follower of Christ, I already know where this is leading.

Christ told us that a world-wide dictator will arise, one who the world will worship as a god. Given that fact, how will the world as we know it today need to change to turn that future dictator into a reality?

One obvious answer is that freedom will be abolished. America will not exist as it does today. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will be relegated to the ashbin of history, and where once people came to have their chains struck off, there is now no escape. Life will be slavery and the cruelest of death will become whimsy.

Some might think this fantasy. Certainly, someone will fight. Americans will not tolerate the loss of their freedom. But one need only look at the breathtaking loss of freedom under Obama to know the falsity of that claim. I always think it grimly humorous and ironic that God used a black man to enslave the American people to government more than any other President in history. And if Hillary's platform is to be believed, freedom will vanish yet further under her administration.

But all that is necessary, if the Word of Christ is to be fulfilled.

Another thing that needs to change for the world to welcome a dictator, is an embrace of, or at least a desensitization toward lawlessness. If there's a felony Hillary hasn't committed, I don't know what it is, and yet she garners quite a lot of support. What does that say about her supporters? They don't care. In fact, they LIKE that she can commit crimes and get away with it. How often did we hear the same sentiment expressed about Bill? Unlike "Tricky Dick", "Slick WIlly" was meant as a compliment. And as history bears out, it is a short walk from electing someone who thinks they're above the law to electing somone who thinks they ARE the law.

And one more thing must happen for the world to accept a dictator: hatred of Christ and His followers will become unbridled. Christ came to set man free, and He is the source of any real freedom, therefore, He must be stamped out and His followers murdered. That is a common occurence in the Mideast, but it will soon happen in America. The Gospel will become "hate speech" and people will be prosecuted and fined or imprisoned if they dare to pray publicly or acknowledge Christ in any way. I think even the hardest of athiests could envision that happening in the not too distant future... and probably with a bit of relish.

But again, all of it is necessary so that Christ's Word may be fulfilled.

So you see, God has it all under control. None of this surprises Him. He let us know long ago and very clearly what the world would look like at the end. It's not too difficult to know what must happen to reach that end. But no follower of Christ should be dismayed or worried about the future, because we know what will happen. We know the final outcome.

Christ wins ALL.