It was very late when the young man with his pregnant teenaged wife knocked on the door of the inn.

"Do you have any rooms?" the young man inquired of the innkeeper.

The harried man looked to have the last bit of politeness whittled from him. "Does it look like it? Are you blind? Can't you see all these people in for the tax decree?"

"But we've traveled far, and my wife..."

"Everyone's traveled far. Everyone's howling for a spot. I couldn't help you if you were Herod himself."

"But my wife..."

"I have plenty of whores, so the services of your wife, pretty as she is, are of no interest to me. Away!"


"Away! Away!" The innkeeper shoved the man and slammed the door.

The young man turned his worried face to his wife, whose breath now came in gasps as she stifled a scream. The time was very short.

Desperately, he searched for a place, any place, where they might find some rest and privacy, but none was to be had unless...that stable. Surely, it was full and nobody would be stabling their animals at this time. He took his wife into his arms and carried her quickly to the stable. She shrieked in pain, and he laid her down on the ground before the stall of an ass. And there, among animals, lying in the dirt next to hay and manure, feed sacks and water troughs, the young girl had her baby.

And the world has never been the same since.

History is measured by the time before and after His birth. God's grace is released unlimited after His death. He stands unique among the figures of history. He never wrote a word, but thousands of books about Him flood the world. He never led an army, yet millions would die for Him, and more importantly, live for Him. He never enjoyed earthly riches or fine possessions, yet billions upon billions are spent for His teachings. He never had a wife or children, but millions of families swear their allegiance to Him. He stands alone at the nexus of earth and eternity and says, "Believe in Me." There is none to compare to Him. His words no other man spoke before Him. His deeds no other man can reproduce. He is the Conqueror of death and the Giver of life. Because of Him, fear flees and love stands firm. At His word, hate dissolves and peace reigns. He is the Beginning and the Future.

Now is the time for all to learn of the only Man worthy of worship and adoration. He is the only Man Who knows your secret sins and your secret pain and offers complete forgiveness and healing. It is the awesome love and power of God that sweeps away your failures and guilt and replaces it with a joy only He can give...if you will only believe.

Won't you come to Him today? He is as near and intimate as your thoughts, and as approachable as a baby.

Merry Christmas.