I can't believe they elected him! It's just awful...horrible! This country is going down the tubes! We gotta do something! We can't let this stand, because I'm going to die, and I'm not kidding!

That young woman's hysterical voice on the radio was the first snowflake I heard melting down the day after the election. Soon the nation was treated to others offering the snowflakes "safe rooms" and stuffed animals so they could feel secure and calm, and all because Donald Trump was elected.

My first reaction was disbelief. I thought they must be acting, because it was too ridiculous to be true. But no, it was no act. They really were falling apart, at least temporarily, over an election. For a few days, they vented their desperation and fear, and I watched as those emotions solidified into rage, and the snowflakes became hailstones, shrieking their invectives. They came in their black clothes to vandalize and riot and encourage others to do the same. The woman's march was one vulgar obscenity after another.

If you're like me you probably wondered, "What the heck is wrong with these people?" We just weathered eight years of Jimmy Carter on steroids, but never once did I fall to pieces. If ever anyone had good reason to melt down over an election it was me after Obama was elected the second time. Here was a man who spent two solid years lying to America about Obamacare (you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, your premiums and deductibles will go down, and it will be the smoothest rollout of a government program since the invention of ball bearings), then rammed it through Congress without a public reading, despite a stout 60% of Americans being against it. He constantly overreached his power, constantly voiced disdain for America as it was founded, and never missed an opportunity to fan racial tensions. Certainly Americans would kick this lying, third-world thinker to the curb.

But they didn't.

Did I cry? Did I wail and howl? Did I curse and spit? Nope. Just battened down the hatches until the arrogance, corruption, and incompetence passed. But these snowflakes collapsed over Trump's election. Why?

I think the common element to this particular group of people is godlessness. I remember these people when Obama was first elected, their hands firmly extended, ready for an avalanche of handouts. "Obama gonna get me a house!", "I'm gettin' me an Obamaphone!", "Obama gonna get me $15 an hour!" The media fawned over him and wondered if he really were the Messiah come at last. And Obama himself did little to dispel the gross mischaracterization...oh no, he would institute legislation that would lower the sea levels (yes, he said that). He would run the most honest and transparent administration ever. He could do no wrong. Even when he blatantly lied to their faces, and broke promise after promise, they loved him. He was their god, and they worshipped him.

But what do you do when your god is no longer in power, goes off to give $400,000 political pay-off speeches, and his heir apparent is kicked to the curb? You collapse, that's what, and maybe sorrowfully search for another false god.

My God is always in control and all-powerful. I need never worry about Him leaving me. Therefore, I've never had the slightest inclination to melt down after an election, because I know my God loves me, and He controls the outcome of all elections.