I thought I'd post a little exchange I had with DK, a staunch atheist. My responses in red.

There is plenty of credible evidence for God.

What evidence would that be? Keep in mind evidence is point of fact like fossiles are evidence of dinosaurs. Please explain what concrete evidence you know of that shows we have a God out there.

All right, how about DNA for starters? I don't think there's a scientist out there who wouldn't agree that DNA contains information. They call it the genetic "code", and they've written all the data down in a map.

Where did the information come from, DK? DNA is a super-advanced code, a biological program, a blueprint of life. Who wrote it? If we see information anywhere else, we immediately assume it had an author. If I see a computer program or writing in the sand on a beach, I assume a person wrote that information.

Who wrote the information in DNA?

I don't know who wrote DNA. The author of our DNA is our parents, and their parents and so on. But it's not proof that there's a God. The complexity of life does not prove spiritual existence.

But it DOES prove intelligence. There is an intelligence behind DNA. If there was some writing on the beach, nobody would say, "How about that! Look how the ocean randomly arranged that sand into words." But that's what evolutionists want to say about DNA and all of life.

And by the way, I mentioned nothing about complexity, but only about the fact that DNA is information. The fact that the information is complex is just additional proof. Someone might by chance find a letter maybe even two formed by sticks that randomly fall on the ground. They might say that was a striking coincidence of chance and nature. But nobody would say the same thing if they were to find the Declaration of Independence lying on the ground.

SOMEONE wrote DNA, DK. It's information. It didn't just happen.

I think it was God.

DNA doesn't prove a greater intelligence, you're assuming it does. All DNA proves is life.

So DK, you see what you KNOW is a bunch of unbelievably well-organized and complex information, and you say, "Amazing how random chance and nature brought all that together!"

Funny how you would see any other information not nearly so complex and well-organized, like a badly written novel for instance, and ask, "I wonder who wrote this?"

But alrighty...if the information in DNA doesn't prove intelligence to you, I take it that information anywhere else doesn't prove intelligence to you either, right? If you see a book, you marvel at how the trees happened to randomly create paper and squeeze the juice from their fruit into words on the page, right? If you see a computer flashing a flight schedule, you're amazed at the evolutionary forces that raised that machine from the dirt, right? Because you know that information does not indicate any kind of intelligence, right? ESPECIALLY complex information.


End of discussion. Never heard from DK again.