Here’s an little conversation I thought might be interesting. My comments in red.


Why do christians hate gays so much? What have we ever done to you?

Speaking from my own experience, I know of no true Christians that hate homosexuals. I’m a Christian, and I don’t. What makes you think Christians hate homosexuals?

The way your always down on us and saying we’re headed to hell.

Well, that’s simply a spiritual opinion expressed by Christ, but personally, I think Christ’s opinion carries the weight of fact. Even so, that doesn’t mean Christ or Christians hate homosexuals. If a man were running at breakneck speed toward a cliff, and I said, “Stop! You’re headed for a cliff! You’ll kill yourself! Turn back!”, would you think I hated that man? In the same way, Christ and Christians warn homosexuals of the spiritual consequences of their lifestyle. For me, it is a motivation of love, not hatred.

The bible says to kill gays, doesn’t it? How is that loving?

In the Old Testament, it does indeed say to execute homosexuals, but let’s be fair. God did NOT say, “Go unto all the world, thou and thy seed, and findeth homosexuals wherever they may be, that thou mayest kill them.” No, these laws applied specifically to the Jewish people living during the time of Moses. So if you were a gay Jew living in the Jewish community under Moses, then yep, BIG target on your back. But if you were a gay Amorite living in Egypt, then the law did not apply to you, and no Jews were coming after you because you were gay.

OK, I’ll buy that, but still…how is that loving? If a gay Jew fell in love, why would a loving god want him dead for that? How is his love harming anyone?

You really don’t know?

No. How is it a bad thing for one human being to love another?

There is nothing bad in it at all, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a man having sex with another man. Love does not enter the equation at all, unless you’re operating under the idea that in order to love someone, you have to have sex with them. Is that what you think?

No, not at all, but if I fall in love romantically with someone, I want to show them that love through sex. How is that any different from a heterosexual romance?

Well, let’s see…one’s homosexual and the other’s heterosexual. A homosexual couple cannot reproduce, but the average heterosexual couple can. On average, the duration of a homosexual relationship is much shorter than a heterosexual one. On average, homosexuals are much more tolerant of infidelity than heterosexuals, and often actually agree to overlook trysts outside the primary relationship. Homosexuals are much more prone to health problems than heterosexuals. The average life expectancy of a male homosexual is about 45 years, while a male heterosexual lives about 75 years. I don’t know…that’s just off the top of my head. Aren’t those pretty glaring differences?

You don’t have any proof of any of that.

No? lol, alrighty. I’d be willing to bet you’ve already lived a lot of the proof. Just continue to live your homosexual life, and I’m sure eventually. you’ll experience the ultimate proof up close and personal. But it is Christ’s desire that you don’t. He came so you could live an abundant life, not die a horrible, diseased death.

I don’t view living like a monk as an abundant life. Who wants to live without sex?

This physical life is hardly abundant. Oh, there’s definitely good parts, but always, we get sick, or hurt, or old. Do you really think that this life and sex is the be all and end all?

Christ doesn’t demand that you live without sex; He demands that you live only without homosex.

That IS sex to me, moron. I’d have to be abstinent for the rest of my life.

Well, that’s the choice we all have to make. Christ advised us to count the cost of following Him. We all cling to something in our lives that we prefer to obedience to God, whether it’s sex, food, gambling, drugs, lies, money, hatred…you name it. Christ presents the same question to everyone: “What’s it going to be? Me or your sin?” You can either continue your relationships with men and die in your sins, or cultivate a relationship with Christ and live forever. To me, there’s nothing really to consider. But here’s what YOU need to consider: in continuing in homosexuality, you’re saying to God, “If You won’t take me as I am, with my homosexuality, then I don’t want to be with You.” You’re saying your sexuality is more important to you than God. Make no mistake; if you’d rather have your sin than God, He will give you the desire of your heart and send you to where all sin belongs. Or…you can choose a different path, the path to Christ and life.

That ended the conversation.