The woman was a staunch Hillary supporter, and quite angry with our President.

"I can't believe this maniac was elected! How can he ban all Muslims from coming to America?"

"Well, it's not a ban, it's just a temporary suspension, and it's not all Muslims, it's just..." I began.

"You heard what he said in his campaign speeches. He hates Muslims, hates Mexicans, hates all immigrants. He's against all immigrants!"

"Actually, I didn't hear any of that. I heard him speak against illegal immigrants, but..."

"Oh, he's a bigot and a racist, plain as the nose on your face! He is pure evil. I don't know how anyone can support him and call themselves a Christian!"

"I support him, and I'm a Christian."

The woman was on the verge of another tirade when the full meaning of my words seemed to clench her brain and shake it to the stem. “ support Trump?”

"Why yes, I do. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty much enjoying everything he's done so far."

The woman closed her mouth, but soon opened it again with a sneer. "Well, you're no Christian then!"

"I'm not?"

"No! Jesus was all about love and acceptance...and...inclusion!

"He was?"

"Yes, He was, and if you don't know something as basic as that...well, it just confirms how ignorant and un-Christian you are. You're a nazi, like Trump!"



"Can I ask you a question? Are you a Christian?"

She bristled a bit. "Of course I am. I'm not fanatical about it or anything, but I try my best to love my neighbor and do unto others and all that. I'm a good person."

"I see. And that's what makes a person a Christian...if they love their neighbor and do unto others and all that?"

"Of course. You are such an idiot. It's no wonder you support Trump, you're just like him; evil and stupid."

"Is Jesus a good person?"


"Is Jesus a good person? Is He the kind of person you would consider 'good'?"

"He was more than good. He was the best."

"Is He better than you?"


"Is He smarter than you?"

"Of course...just what are you driving at?"

"If I presented you some evidence that strongly indicates Jesus might approve of Trump's immigration policy, would that make a difference to you? Would it at least moderate your opinion of me?"

"I...don't know. You can't."

"But if I could, would it make a difference to you?"

"Maybe. I don't know. You can't."

"Could you tell me what Trump's immigration policy is?"

"It's a ban on all Muslims."

"Do you know how many countries for which Trump wants to temporarily suspend immigration?"


"That's right. Do you know how many Muslim countrles there are?"

Her brow furrowed, and she shook her head a little.

"There are fifty-seven. Now this a ban on all Muslims?"

"Well...ok, maybe not, but he's still a bigot."

"Do you know why he wants to temporarily suspend immigration from those countries?"

"Well, he says he wants to get some kind of vetting process because those countries sponsor terrorism."

"I'm impressed. Yes, that's exactly right. He wants a more stringent vetting process for people coming from those countries. If they don't meet our criteria for acceptance, then we'll send them packing."

"It's just his bigotry on parade."

"Tell me, will you go to heaven after you die?"

"Yes...well, I hope so."

"So essentially, you hope to immigrate one day from earth to heaven after you die."

She chuckled. "I...suppose so."

"Do you know what happens to anyone who wants to immigrate to heaven?"


"They're vetted."


"That's right. Christ will personally vet any immigrant applying for residence in His country. If they don't meet His criteria for acceptance, then He'll send them packing."

"That's not in the Bible!"

"I'm afraid it is...pretty prominently, as a matter of fact. Jesus a bigot?"

"That's not the same thing!"

"The only differences are that the immigration occurs between a physical realm and a spiritual realm instead of two physical realms, and the vetting process encompasses all of humanity instead of just seven countries. Other than that, the principle is exactly the same."

"It's not the same!"

"People at point A want to go to point B. The people at point B apply a criteria to the people of point A to see if they should allow them into point B. If any point A person fails to meet those criteria, they are barred from point B."

"You're trying to confuse me!"

"Of course, America's criteria are different from Christ's. I imagine ours might include ties to known terrorists, paying with cash, etc. But Christ's is simple: Have you claimed Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you believe He died and rose again on the third day? Do you believe His death, His blood, is sufficient to cover your sins, and that this, and only this will gain you a true relationship with God and entry into heaven?"

I gently touched the women's arm and asked, "Would you pass those criteria?"

A faint scowl darkened the women's face, and with a sniff, she turned and strode away.