Most Americans are familiar with the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's character is trapped into living the same day over and over. He cannot escape. He soon discovers that he cannot even die, that in a sense, he is immortal, and that his actions hold no moral consequence, at least not permanently, and he can do whatever he likes with no lasting repercussions. But he soon tires of his selfish shenanigans. They vanish with the dawn of another groundhog day. He cannot build. He cannot progress. He can only repeat the same day. So he decides that since he cannot build a better life, he will work to create the perfect day, a day where he has exercised every kindness, performed every good deed, and done everything possible to become the man he ought to be. He succeeds, and that success breaks the Groundhog Day curse, and he again moves forward in life as a new man.

It occurred to me that many live that Groundhog Day curse in reality. They awake each day enslaved to their desires and appetites. Oh, the days are different, unlike the movie, but oh, the numbing sameness! There is the drunk - a different bar and a different drink, but the same stupor, the same pain, the same hopelessness. There is the person with a critical spirit - with a different person in a different situation, but always the same cutting words that crush and wound. There's the gambler - a different game with different stakes, but always the same bitter results. Around and around they go, trapped in their own personal versions of Groundhog Day, yearning for an escape, but unwilling to believe it possible.

Christ came to put an end to the Groundhog Day curse. You don't have to keep doing and saying the same rotten things day after day. You don't have to watch your life eaten away with regrets. But unlike the movie, you can't work your way out of it. You can't "good" your way out of it. We are all terminally infected with the same spiritual disease, and we need a cure. Christ is the cure, the only real remedy, and He invites you to partake right now. You can claim a new Master, and He will strike off your chains and lead you off the merry-go-round of sin into a new life you could never imagine. He will replace hate with love, pain with joy, and turmoil with peace.

You could be a new creation this instant, a new person with new desires and new goals. All it takes is faith in a Person Who has proven His trustworthiness with His own blood. He gave His life so that you might live, and He's waiting for you to take hold of that life.

Aren't you sick of living the same day over and over? Aren't you tired of the constant pain and defeat? Come and claim your victory and your new life from the only Person Who offers it. Terminate your slavery to sin and dedicate yourself to a new Master Who promises freedom, strength, and self-control.

Do it today!